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Sufi Group of Industries (Pvt.) Ltd. was founded in 1963. The founder of “Sufi Group” was Sufi Ghulam Rasool. From the beginning to the present “Sufi Group” is offering their products in the Textile & Food Sector. The projects working under the same management are:

Iqbal Flour Mills (Pvt.) Ltd.
Sufi Flour Mills
Rehman Cotton Ginning Factory
Sufi Textile Mills (O.E Spinning)
Sufi Rice Mills
Sufi Waste Recycling Plant
Sufi Textile Mills (Ring Spinning)

Our customers have full faith in our quality, as our products fully pay back its price to them. The most important matters which tops priority list of the company is to maintain and make every efforts to improve upon the quality standards of our products.

Sufi Group has developed and implemented quality management system. To better satisfy the needs of its customers and to improve the management of the company. We trust on the faith of our customers and the customers have faith in our quality products. This is an ideal situation for an industrial concern and the spirit of this relationship is also picked up in our publicity slogan


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